Top 10 Hill Stations in Nepal


Nepal, enriched with high mountainous peaks, offers you some popular hill stations to enjoy the surreal beauty of Himalayas. The hill stations in Nepal manifests the panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains like no other places. The best way to feel close to mother nature and to catch the glimpse of majestic mountains is to visit these popular hill stations in Nepal.

Hill stations in Nepal are the best place to enjoy your holidays far from busy cities. You will get an opportunity to explore the blessings of nature in the vicinity. Waking up with the breathtaking view of the sunrise from behind the mountains, the amazing view of the sunset, and the sun-kissed peaks, sparkling like a diamond will mesmerize you. The serenity of naturally attractive hill stations of Nepal will leave you speechless.

List of Hill Stations in Nepal

Nepal, the land of mountains, has a number of hill stations in the hilly region. These hill stations are a popular tourist destination for many travelers all around the world. Hill stations in Nepal being a major tourist attraction draws nature lovers in a huge number every year to Nepal. Here is the list of some of the most popular hill stations in Nepal, with no specific ranking, that you must visit. Bring along your friends and family to make your trip joyful and memorable.

1) Nagarkot

One of the best hill stations in Nepal close to Kathmandu has to be Nagarkot. Nearly 1 hour of the ride to the east of the Kathmandu valley, takes you to the beautiful Nagarkot. Nagarkot hill station is known for a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset.

Travelers stay overnight to catch the picturesque view of the sunrise in the morning. There are a number of reasonable hotels where you can stay and relax. These hotels will take care of your comfort and meal.

You can go for hiking as well. The best time to enjoy hiking in Nagarkot is during the spring season. The mountains like Mt. Everest, Langtang, Manaslu, Annapurna, Numbur, Jugal are clearly visible at that time. There is a viewpoint tower from where you can perceive the striking view of the Kathmandu valley and the Indrawati river.

2) Bandipur

The century-old attraction that lies between Kathmandu and Pokhara is the beautiful valley of Bandipur. Bandipur has successfully preserved old culture and architecture to date and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Riding 143 km west from the Kathmandu, we reach the utopian Bandipur village in Tanahu district. Bandipur hill station presents a remarkable landscape and the incredible view of the Himalayas series in the vicinity. If you want a closer glimpse of peaks like Dhaulagiri, Langtang, Annapurna, Manaslu, along with a spectacular view of Marsyangdi valley, then Bandipur hill station is the best choice.

Traditional carvings make the village even more beautiful and distinct from other villages. Bandipur has also been a trekker’s choice for short trek in Nepal in a relaxing natural setting. The best time for trekking in Bandipur is during winter, autumn and spring season. The mountain view is clear during winter from October to February.

Along with sightseeing, mountain view, and hiking, Bandipur is also popular for adventure sports like rafting, paragliding, rock climbing, caving, etc. While you are in Bandipur, also grab the chance to explore the thick newar community and experience their unique lifestyle.

Along with sightseeing, mountain view, and hiking, Bandipur is a popular adventure sports destination for paragliding, caving, rock climbing, rafting, and hiking.

3) Daman 

One of the most popular hill stations in Nepal is Daman. A ride from Kathmandu to 77 km south-west lies a beautiful tourist attraction called Daman. Daman manifests an astounding view of both the Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Everest.

There is a view tower with a telescope from where you can observe the Himalayan peaks with a closer glimpse. Moreover, people are more excited to watch the sunrise and sunset. To catch the glimpse of the spectacular sunrise from behind the hills, travelers stay overnight at Daman.

There are numerous hotels and lodges at a reasonable price for accommodation. You can explore Daman when you’re there. Hiking is a good idea to witness the amazing landscape and Gompas.

The best time to visit Daman hill station is during autumn. During autumn, it snows in Daman. You will observe one of the most beautiful views of snow-capped Himalayas during snowfall. You can play snow with your friends and make joyful memories.

4) Gorkha

A 140 km ride from Kathmandu to the west takes us to the valley of bravery and courage and that is Gorkha. Gorkha holds a great significance in the history of Nepal. Gorkha is known for the historical royal palace called ‘Gorkha Durbar’, the fortress is situated at the top of the hill. Lesser known facts about Gorkha is that Gorkha is a stunning place to view mountain range. Besides the architectural richness, Gorkha is also rich in natural beauty and spirituality. Gorakhnath temple and Manakamana temple are also major tourist attractions in Gorkha.

The Gorkha palace sats at the altitude of 3281 ft. After climbing 1700 steps, we will reach the Newari architecturally rich Gorkha palace from where we can observe a great view of Manaslu Himal, Dhaulagiri Himal, and Ganesh Himal. The best time to explore Gorkha valley is probably during summer. The weather will be clear from April to June making it easy to view the snow-capped mountains.

5) Dhulikhel

A popular mountain viewpoint in town is Dhulikhel hill station. Situated just 30 km east of Kathmandu, Dhulikhel is the most visited and recommended hill station in Nepal.

One of the major attraction of Dhulikhel is the Kali temple, located right at the top of the hill. An interesting fact about this temple is that we need to climb 1000 steps that lead to this temple. After a tiring climb of 1000 steps, you will be awarded a grand view of Himalayan ranges and green forests.

Dhulikhel is not just a scenic place, it is slowly gaining popularity for adventure sport. Enjoy the magnificent view of Himalayas and challenge your guts with Nepal’s second Super Zipline. It is 1.1 km long and connects Dhulikhel and Panchkhal. The thrilling ride of Dhulikhel Zipline is 1min 30 seconds long. There is a mini zip line too for children.

There are a number of hotels and lodges to stay or to take rest. You can stay overnight to capture the stunning view of sunrise the next day. The best time to pay a visit to Dhulikhel is during summer. The weather is clear for mountain viewing. The mountains like Karyolung, Annapurna, Langtang, Lhotse, Gaurishankar, Ganesh Himal are stunningly visible from Dhulikhel hill station.

6) Phulchoki

A 14 km ride to the south-east of Kathmandu valley is the beautiful Phulchoki. Mostly visited during snowfall, Phulchoki is popular among youths and trekkers. Travelers walk a 3 km alley from the Godavari to Phulchoki and enjoy nature.

The trekking path of Phulchoki is beautifully graced with rhododendron forest, distinct species of birds such as Greater Yellow nape, Ultramarine Flycatcher, Red-billed Leiothrix, Rufous-gorgeted flycatcher, Besra, Rufous-bellied Niltava, Yellow-browed Tit, Flycatcher, Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike, Chestnut-headed Tesia, Whiskered Yuhina, Nepal Cutia, Grey-headed Woodpecker, and Racket-tailed Drongos.

The best time to pay a visit to Phulchoki hill station will great during summer. The view of high peaks like Annapurna and Gaurishankar will be clearly visible in July and August. People mostly visit Phulchoki during snowfall in winter.  

7) Poon Hill

A popular hill station in Annapurna region is the Poon Hill hill station. The trek to Poon Hill is short and comparatively easy as well. Poon Hill hill station is an amazing traveler’s destination to observe the spectacular view of mountain ranges like Annapurna range, Manaslu rage, Tukuche Himal, Dhaulagiri Himal, Lamjung Himal, Nilgiri Himal, Hiuchuli himal and so on.

Poon Hill offers one of the best sunrise views in the Himalayas. You can also explore the beautiful landscape of Ghandruk village and get smitten by the gorgeous rhododendron forest. You will encounter stunning waterfalls, natural hot springs, and rice terrace in between your treks.

The best time to pay a visit to Poon Hill hill station would be around March to May during the autumn season and from September to November during the spring season. The weather will be in favor during these seasons.

8) Tansen

Located between, renowned cities of Nepal like Lumbini and Pokhara, Tansen lies in the popular valley of Palpa. The Tansen hill station has a beautiful landscape and is strikingly hot during summer.

The major attraction of Tansen is the huge Tansen Durbar which used to be the shelter of Rana governors in the past. Resting on the lap of Srinagar hill, Tansen is enriched with traditional art and architecture.

The viewpoint of Tansen manifests the peaks like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Kanjiroba, and Langtang Himal. This stunning hill station has a picturesque landscape and there are major landmarks such as Amar Narayan Mandir, Sitalpati, and Baggi Dhoka.

9) Chitlang

Unspoiled landscape positioned 22 km south of Kathmandu city, Chitlang is a popular hill station for tourism. Located in Makwanpur district, Chitlang used to be the main highway connecting Nepal in history.

Chitlang offers you a sense of mindfulness and a little escape from city life. Rejuvenate yourself with the tranquility of the green Chitlang village and experience the blessing of mother nature in an unspoiled form. Travelers usually hike from Chandragiri to Chitlang which takes about 1 hour of walk. The way to Chitlang is unconventional so prepare yourself for the adventurous offbeat journey which asserts thrill and excitement.

A day is enough to explore the Chitlang village and to observe the serene mountain ranges but staying overnight is recommended. There are a number of resorts where you can relax and enjoy a bonfire.

Nepal’ first goat cheese factory also resides in Chitlang. Don’t forget to taste goat cheese there. The visit to Chitlang can be combined with the visit to nearby Markhu and Kulekhani on the same trip. Split around 48 mins of a ride from Chitlang to Markhu and 20 minutes ride from Marku to Kulekhani and enjoy the visually appealing lakes and along with the view of majestic mountains.

10) Nagarjun

Nagarjun hill lies within the Shivapuri National Park region and is one of the finest hill stations in Nepal. Nagarjun hill is located at a 7 km northwest ride from the Kathmandu valley. Nagarjun holds great historical importance as there is a palace of the former kings called Nagarjun palace. Other than the palace, there is also a number of gumbas and stupas that reflects a significant influence of Buddhism.

There is a Jamacho viewpoint from where one can observe the panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley and the spectacular view of high peaks like DorjeLakpa, Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Langtang Himal. The cool, green, and calm ambiance of the Nagarjun forest is also a major attraction among travelers.

The mountain viewing can be accompanied by the exploration of the Nagarjun forest which is occupied with the oak tree, pine tree, rhododendron and various species of animals, birds, flora and fauna. The best time for Nagarjun hill hike is during September-November and March-May when the weather is quite clear. The scenic view will be clearly visible at that time.

Above mentioned are only some of the hill stations in Nepal that have quite a craze among the travelers but there are many more hill stations in Nepal that are yet to be renowned. Each hill station has its own unique beauty and sincerity which is incomparable. Hill stations in Nepal are the must visit place in Nepal that should be in your bucket list.

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