Reliance Trekking was established with a commitment to provide high-quality service. We are a bonded and licensed trekking company and have grown steadily since the time of our establishment in the broader area of Nepal. We have been succeeded to provide excellent service to our customers because of the professionalism and strong experience in the field of our team.

Our team is at Reliance Trekking is not only committed to travel but to share a common devotion to the nature lovers. We have been growing our services by providing unique and new station and routes which is more suitable for our clients for years.

We play a great role in making your trip enjoyable and memorable. With these years of experience and knowledge, it is our aim to provide a memorable and safe experience. Our trekking team is very friendly, professional and experienced in running challenging trips in Nepal as well as Tibet, Bhutan, India. We follow social thinking that seeks to be accountable to the society and the environment in which we work with. Combined with the friendly behavior and flexibility adds to make your trip successful. There is a huge quantity that goes on in the background to ensure that your trip runs smoothly from beginning to the end. We work hard to make your trips and look after the whole thing.

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