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Everest Base Camp (EBC) is one of the options that the majority of trekkers choose for trekking in Nepal. The challenging trekking trails and breathtaking mountain views are some major highlights of EBC. While venturing into this challenging trek, trekkers are quite baffled during hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp trek.

Trekking to the zenith of the tallest mountain on earth, Mt. Everest (8,848m), is not an easy task. It requires an ample amount of time and strength. Trekkers can accomplish Everest Base Camp trek within estimated time but behind the achievement hides the hard work of the trekker and the presence of mind of the guide.

Embarking into a journey far from home to a place completely opposite to what you are familiar with might sound adventurous on one hand but on the other hand, it counts in equal risk and difficulties. Hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp has more benefits for trekkers which will be discussed here.

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What are the benefits of hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek?

Guides are those trained professionals who actively help you throughout your trekking journey. Not anyone can easily become a guide. It requires extensive knowledge about the particular place, fluency in languages to communicate with foreign trekkers, brilliant decision-making skills, spontaneity, physical fitness, etc.

The following are some reasons why you are recommended to hire a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek.

1) Safety reasons

We are not familiar with the trekking trails of Everest Base Camp. The trekking trails of Everest Base Camp trek encompasses dense rhododendron forests. Trekkers get to enjoy the lovely ambiance surrounded by colorful rhododendrons but there is a high chance of losing the track in the dense forest. The forests of Everest Base Camp trek lies within the Sagarmatha Conservation Area so there is a high possibility of encountering wild animals.

During high snowfall, the trekking trails become steep and slippery. Trekkers have to be careful at such paths to prevent slipping. Trekkers might also face Avalanche due to heavy snowfall at high altitudes.

So, if a guide is present, the guide will take care of your safety. Guides are aware of all the paths of Everest Base Camp trek. They know which trail to follow if one of the paths gets blocked. They will constantly give you advice on how to walk on what type of paths as the paths might be rocky, steep, dry, or snowy sometimes.

2) To explore culture

Everest Base Camp trek will be an opportunity to explore the Sherpa culture with a closer glimpse. The settlement of Sherpa people is thick near Everest Base Camp. Exploring traditional Sherpa lifestyle is one of the major attractions of the trek. Trekkers can have conversations with the locals and discover new things about Sherpa culture.

Communicating with people living in the Himalayas can be slightly difficult due to the language barrier. You would like to have a translator or a medium to communicate with them. At that time, guides will help you to have meaningful conversations with the Sherpa people.

3) Traditions and beliefs

You are going to an area where local people have preserved their traditional culture and beliefs. You might be unaware of their conservative lifestyle. The lack of awareness of the present scenario of the place might create undesired misunderstandings and misleads.

Guides will tell you what to do and what not to do before entering into their isolated world. Their hospitality is great as you can feel the warmth and affection. We should minimize the cross-cultural gap which helps to avoid offending their culture.

3) Advice and suggestions

Guides have a broad knowledge of trekking and traveling. You can ask the guide for advice and suggestion regarding Everest Base Camp trek. He will give you advice on what you would need for trekking.

You might not be aware of some essential trekking gear that you shouldn’t miss. You don’t want to spend too much money on gears, right? The guide will tell you what to carry, where to buy them, and how much to carry. It is better if the baggage is neither excessive nor less.

Discuss the financial aspects of the trekking with the guide. You can ask the guide about the accommodation and food expenses in Everest Base Camp trek.

Sit down with them and discuss things you would like to do on the way. Extra activities will acquire extra payments so be sure about the amount you need to carry on the journey.

There is no wise person than the guides to ask these questions. Preparation done well increases confidence and excitement while reduces stress and fear.

4) Tackling problematic situations

We frequently hear unfortunate news of trekkers going missing during trekking. The guide knows every nook and corner of the trekking trails. So, when an experienced guide is with you, there is less to no chance of getting lost.

If something goes wrong, you would need someone to contact so, guides can be back up in problematic situations. They will help you during acclimatization. They can be helpful to reduce the risk of altitude sickness.

The weather is uncertain at the Himalayas. We are fully prepared during trekking but when uncertainty hits you in the form of avalanche or earthquake or heavy snowfall, guides can tackle the problem and keep you safe from life-threating situations.

5) Wonderful journey

Everest Base Camp trek is a wonderful journey and guides can further spice it up. Throughout the journey, they will not miss sharing interesting facts and mythical stories about the place. Their trekking experience can make your journey interesting.

Guides are excited and proud to share their experiences. They will tell you histories attached to Everest Base Camp, and do’s and don’ts during the trek. Don’t forget to ask about the information about the weather condition with the guide.

Everest Base Camp is suitable for both group trekking and solo trekking. When a guide is around, there is less chance of losing paths. They will assist you while finding accommodation as well as transportation throughout the trek.

Solo trekkers can be benefitted by hiring a guide. Hiring a guide is a plus point for solo trekkers. Walking alone can be boring and risky so, a guide can be a company for solo trekkers. Guides help to tackle crisis situations. Hiring them provides mental and physical support for trekkers.

In addition, the profession of a guide is a livelihood for most of them. So, they try to do their best as a guide. Hiring a guide will support their economy and tourism status.

How to hire a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek?

You might be curious about how to hire a guide for Everest Base Camp trek. It is not a lengthy or difficult process. You can simply contact us to get connected with the guide to discuss the trek.

If you’re still confused about whether you should hire a guide or not and want to know further how to hire a guide for Everest Base Camp trek then, feel free to contact us.

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