Florence D.


I have been fortunate enough to travel twice to Nepal partly accompanied by Tanka as a guide and friend. Tanka is a professional, experienced guide, very attentive to requests of its customers. My first trip to Nepal, including a trek in Langtang, was just as memorable by the fantastic scenery as the warm Nepalese. Nepal is an extraordinary country, high contrast and its people is very endearing.

Tanka So he took us at the end of this trek, always listening to us, walking at our pace, he always has plenty of explanations to give, stories to tell and above all his smile never leaves him. So I left with him this year this time for a trek to the sacred lakes of Gosaikunda. But, the period was poorly chosen, the monsoon and landslides made this trek difficult and challenging but so rewarding. Thanks to his professionalism, Tanka has been able to cope with all situations and all my requests. I highly recommend Tanka and his agency Reliance Trek to whom I wish full success.

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